Truck Wheel Stops

Durable precast concrete truck wheel stops

Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. has been manufacturing precast concrete Truck Parking Bumpers (sometimes called Truck Stops or Truck Wheel Stops) for 35 years.

The key to a long lasting parking bumper is strong quality concrete. Our truck parking bumpers are manufactured utilizing the wet pour method. We cast all the truck parking bumpers with 5000 psi concrete and they are reinforced with steel reinforcing bars. A truck parking bumper cast with the wet pour method, along with our steel forms, provides a smooth finished parking bumper.

Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. manufactures 3 different sizes of truck parking bumpers identified as extra large, large and small. See specifications for more details.

Want a quality truck parking bumper that is aesthetically pleasing and durable, Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. has what you are looking for!


Extra Large
Truck Stop

Truck Stop

Truck Stop

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