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Concrete Stairs Designs vary depending on the product. Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. offers pre-cast designer treads in two finishes, broom and glacial, and can even match an existing tread if need be. The standard width for both design options is 12” and each one features three pieces of #3 rebar and four 3/8 bolts cast into the tread.

No matter your concrete stair designs preference, you can rest assured that each one protects the integrity of the step itself while simultaneously offering a safe, no-slip surface for those who use the staircase.

Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. uses an exhaustive quality control model to ensure that its products exceed are expectations. Due to the company’s constant diligence, their concrete stair tread products are high-quality safety providers, regardless of which design you select.

Choosing a concrete stair tread design from Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. is a simple choice; they’ve been making durable, easy-to-install, competitively priced stair treads for over 21 years and boast a combined 51+ years of construction experience. They’re also the largest manufacture of concrete stair treads in the Southeast United States. They stock the following concrete stairs designs:

  • Broom Finish
    This is the most popular type of finish manufactured by Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. The finish is achieved by a light “brushing” on the top of the tread.
  • Glacial Finish
    This is a non-slip finish cast into the tread by using a mold with a glacial texture.

Our concrete stair tread designs don’t have to be cookie-cutter. Are you searching for a provider of concrete stair tread designs to deliver a quality product quickly? Besides our custom-designed treads, we produce and maintain a constant inventory of standard premium concrete stair treads in broom and glacial finishes. All standard-sized treads have a nominal width of 12” (for additional dimensional information, please reference our standard precast tread drawings.) Our production capabilities are such that inventories of any size can be maintained upon request.

That means a quicker completion date for your job with the product that best suits your needs. Tell us your desired tread design and dimensions; we’ve produced custom concrete stair treads in a wide variety of thicknesses. Design options are numerous and range from our standard broom finish with a smooth border to exposed aggregates. Clients may even request a completely smooth surface.

Commercial Concrete Products also custom-builds pre-cast landings designed by our customers. These help prevent problems that occur in coastal and extreme weather areas, where a corrosive environment may exist. These landings do not require pans or bottoms that create conditions that allow water to collect.

Simply said, we’ve got the production capabilities to manufacture a myriad of concrete stair tread designs. Inquire about our inventory for any size and/or design of tread. Our team is prepared to provide a timely response and will assist you accordingly.


Cracks, chips and sagging of the stair may mean it’s time to replace the tread. Thankfully, Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. offers 48-hour bid assistance, quality CAD design and over 50 years combined construction experience. They manufacture their pre-cast treads themselves, and have perfected a tread design that can be installed in minutes.

Concrete stair treads have a variable life span that depends on the amount of foot traffic they endure. A parking garage for a major metropolitan mall may need replacement within years, while an apartment complex that sees low turnover of residency may endure less erosion. Whatever the time frame, it’s important to be diligent and to replace concrete stair treads as soon as the stair shows signs of wear.

There is no reason to wait for a safer stairway. Swapping stair treads out need not be a lengthy, costly event. Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. provides a stair tread that is quickly installed, lessens your liability in minutes and keeps your budget intact.


Concrete Stair Treads are found in every safe stairway. You’ll find Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. durable stair treads in stairwells throughout the Southeastern United States, and the buzz about their superior products continues to spread nationwide. The reason for all the excitement is quality pre-cast concrete stair treads. Apartment complexes choose the pre-cast treads based on their durability and ease of replacement. The parking garage outside your office may have installed broom finish treads; after all, even in high-traffic areas, this model of stair tread lasts years. Owners of commercial and industrial buildings breathe easier knowing their quality stair treads are securely in place.

Common uses for concrete stair treads are obvious: not only do they make stairs safe to tread upon, but they protect the stair itself. Not all are created equal, however. Pre-fabricated treads like those manufactured by Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. practically install themselves. Conversely, the traditional metal pan installation means inevitable water intrusion, which results in rust and unsafe conditions. Guard against that danger with a pre-fabricated tread.

Even save tens of thousands of dollars by installing pre-fabricated versions. This is not a job for welders, so leave the torches out of the process. Simply place the tread over the stair, screw in four bolts, and the job is finished.

It’s just common sense to use concrete stair treads manufactured by Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. They ship their product anywhere in the U.S. and stand by the extensive quality control process that makes their treads superior.


Quality Concrete Stair Treads are synonymous with safety. The worst scenario for an owner of a structure is the breakdown of their stairs’ treads, which can cause slippage, rocking, injury or even death. Thanks to Commercial Concrete Products, Inc., it is economical to both install and replace concrete stair treads, making that worst case scenario an event that never needs to occur. Follow these steps to a safe stairway system.

Know The Source

Choose a manufacturer that believes in quality control. They understand contractor deadlines and even provide bid services within 48 hours of receiving specifications.

Steer Away From Traditional Models

These include metal pans that result in eventual rusting and inevitable tread failure. When Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. ships their product to be installed, it’s as straightforward as this: remove four nuts. Drop in tread. Replace the nuts. The alternative is an outdated tread system that involves welders, demolition services and thousands of wasted dollars.

Pay Attention To Price

Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. manufactures their own pre-fabricated treads, so they are able to keep their prices competitive while ensuring amazing quality. They mix their own concrete on-site and stay in control of every step of the process.

The benefits of concrete stair treads are apparent, and thanks to quality pre-fabricated treads, it’s easy and economical to choose the best type. It’s not expensive to outfit your stairway with top-of-the-line treads; choose Commercial Concrete’s pre-fabricated treads or opt to have them match your existing models. Either choice results in satisfaction and safety.


Concrete Stair Treads often see a fair amount of traffic. Apartment complexes have the inevitable flow of movers-in and movers-out, who drag heavy objects such as beds and dressers up and down the stairway. Parking garage treads may be trod by hundreds each day. Commercial and industrial building treads wear down as 10 residents and clients arrive and leave.

Thanks to Commercial Concrete, Inc., replacing worn treads takes minutes. Simply replace four nuts, drop the new tread into place and secure it. Depending on the amount of usage, your new tread should last years.

The same ease of use is not true for traditional treads. Here are a few of the many downfalls of the filled pan system:


When a job demands extensive labor, it’s inevitable that dollar signs go up. Welders must be retained to secure these stairs, meaning hours of wasted time and extra cash out of your pocket. Keep the torch out of the process by choosing pre-fabrication.

Difficult Replacement

Filled pans offer an environment for rust to flourish. When this happens, the stair’s strength decreases, leading to unsafe conditions. This becomes a vicious cycle when stairs keep having to be demolished for new treads to be installed.

The simple solution to the filled pan system is a precast concrete stair tread that is easily maintained, installed and replaced. There is no maintenance or painting required.

Commercial Concrete, Inc. will even custom-match existing treads. As a ready-mix batch plant, the company is able to pass on its savings to customers through its competitive pricing.

A sturdy stair tread that’s easy to install and a company dedicated to construction deadlines? Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. has it down to a tread science.

Call Commercial Concrete Products Today at (813) 659-3707 to Talk to a Maintenance Specialist.

Largest Tread Manufacturer In Southeastern United States

Looking for concrete stair treads with quality workmanship coupled with easy installation? You’ll find them at Commercial Concrete Products, Inc., a company devoted to customer service and committed to making the best concrete stair treads on the market today.

We are the largest stair tread manufacturer in the Southeastern United States. We have manufactured quality treads for over 35 years. Choose from a large inventory of our standard size treads manufactured with a broom finish or allow us to quote you on custom treads to match your existing or new project design specifications.

Our tread drawings, in pdf format, provide pertinent dimensional information for the treads. Also a pdf tread drawing with blank dimensions is available for you to provide us with your tread dimensions so that we might quote you the custom treads.

Concrete stair treads are a great advantage over the traditional pan filled stair treads in several different ways. Pan filled treads allow water to accumulate between the steel pan and the concrete which eventually causes the pans to rust and fail. Replacement of a pan filled tread is a labor intensive operation involving torching and welding. Concrete stair treads can be replaced, if needed, by a maintenance crew by simply removing the four nuts holding the tread in place, removing the damaged concrete tread and replacing with a new tread. See our video of a concrete stair tread being replaced that had been damaged to see the simplicity of a concrete stair tread replacement.

Why use or build with pan filled stair treads? When concrete stair treads can be installed easier and quicker and if necessary replaced easier and quicker and in most cases last longer! The bottom line is precast concrete stair treads save you time and money that can be utilized else where on your project or property!

  • Durability

    Our concrete stair treads won’t rust or rot. Four bolts are cast into the precast tread, which fits easily into a stair opening and offers a longer life than poured steel pans. The company will even match existing stair treads.

  • Easy Installation / Replacement

    Though they rarely need to be replaced, it’s simple to take these stair treads out and secure new ones in their place. Instead of demolishing the existing model and engaging welders to rebuild the staircase, these models can be installed quickly and easily. Even an apartment’s maintenance staff can place them. This can result in a savings of thousands of dollars.

  • No Water Intrusion

    Metal pans mean water intrusion, which eventually leads to rust and tread failure. Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. precast their treads, so no metal pan is used. That means no water intrusion and no marring of the product by rust.

  • Exhaustive Testing

    Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. tests their stair treads in independent laboratories, guaranteeing that their products exceed International Building Code. Results of these tests are available upon request.

    Protecting your investment is simple when the correct concrete stair treads are installed. Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. offers stair treads that are known for their integrity, durability and easy placement. We ship treads anywhere in the United States, so the benefits of their treads are enjoyed from coast to coast.


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