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Looking for concrete stair treads with quality workmanship coupled with easy installation? You’ll find them at Commercial Concrete Products, Inc., a company devoted to customer service and committed to making the best concrete stair treads on the market today.

We are the largest stair tread manufacturer in the Southeastern United States. We have manufactured quality treads for over 35 years. Choose from a large inventory of our standard size treads manufactured with a broom finish or allow us to quote you on custom treads to match your existing or new project design specifications.

Our tread drawings, in pdf format, provide pertinent dimensional information for the treads. Also a pdf tread drawing with blank dimensions is available for you to provide us with your tread dimensions so that we might quote you the custom treads.

Concrete stair treads are a great advantage over the traditional pan filled stair treads in several different ways. Pan filled treads allow water to accumulate between the steel pan and the concrete which eventually causes the pans to rust and fail. Replacement of a pan filled tread is a labor intensive operation involving torching and welding. Concrete stair treads can be replaced, if needed, by a maintenance crew by simply removing the four nuts holding the tread in place, removing the damaged concrete tread and replacing with a new tread. See our video of a concrete stair tread being replaced that had been damaged to see the simplicity of a concrete stair tread replacement.

Why use or build with pan filled stair treads? When concrete stair treads can be installed easier and quicker and if necessary replaced easier and quicker and in most cases last longer! The bottom line is precast concrete stair treads save you time and money that can be utilized else where on your project or property!

  • Durability

    Our concrete stair treads won’t rust or rot. Four bolts are cast into the precast tread, which fits easily into a stair opening and offers a longer life than poured steel pans. The company will even match existing stair treads.

  • Easy Installation / Replacement

    Though they rarely need to be replaced, it’s simple to take these stair treads out and secure new ones in their place. Instead of demolishing the existing model and engaging welders to rebuild the staircase, these models can be installed quickly and easily. Even an apartment’s maintenance staff can place them. This can result in a savings of thousands of dollars.

  • No Water Intrusion

    Metal pans mean water intrusion, which eventually leads to rust and tread failure. Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. precast their treads, so no metal pan is used. That means no water intrusion and no marring of the product by rust.

  • Exhaustive Testing

    Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. tests their stair treads in independent laboratories, guaranteeing that their products exceed International Building Code. Results of these tests are available upon request.

    Protecting your investment is simple when the correct concrete stair treads are installed. Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. offers stair treads that are known for their integrity, durability and easy placement. We ship treads anywhere in the United States, so the benefits of their treads are enjoyed from coast to coast.


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