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Pole Bases


We manufacture, as standard available sizes, diameters of 18" & 24" up to 10' in length. Bases are cast utilizing 5000 psi concrete. Custom reinforcing steel cages are assembled, based on the specifications provided, and cast into the concrete along with the size, quantity, and layout of electrical conduit that is requested for each of the pole bases. Anchor bolts that are supplied by the light pole manufacturer are also cast into the bases utilizing the layout template provided with the anchor bolts.

Save yourself time & labor

Precast Pole Bases for outdoor lighting projects will save you time and labor, which increases your productivity and ultimately saving you money and increasing your profits.

Our precast pole bases are manufactured in our plant to the specifications provided to us by you or the light pole manufacturer and are a great way to streamline your projects for maximum production and ease of installation. No longer are you at the mercy of a ready mix concrete truck to get to the site. No longer having to backfill or reauger a hole due to inclement weather occurring before you could pour the opening.

Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. Precast Pole Bases are the best way to go to increase your on site productivity.

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