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Parking Bumpers


Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. manufactures 2 different types of parking bumpers. The most popular by far is the double-sided parking bumper which is manufactured in 2', 3' and 6' lengths.

Our second type, and not so far behind in popularity, is the single-sided parking bumper. It is manufactured in 6' lengths.

See our pdf drawings, presenting dimensional details and profiles of both the double-sided and single-sided parking bumpers.


Parking bumpers can be used to assist in defining mark spaces in grass, asphalt, gravel or concrete parking lots. They not only assist in defining parking spaces, but also help protect pedestrians, sidewalks, landscaping, building and other parked vehicles.


Broken or damaged parking bumpers can be a trip hazard as well as damage vehicles. Broken, damaged or parking bumpers with the reinforcing steel exposed should be replaced as soon as possible to protect not only your property but to protect those parking their vehicles.

Largest Parking Bumper Manufacturer in the Southeast

Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. has been manufacturing parking bumpers (sometimes called carstops or wheelstops) for 35 years.


Parking Bumper

Parking Bumper

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