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Miscellaneous Products

Splash Blocks

Our standard splash blocks that we stock are nominally 12" x 24" x 3" with rolled edges.

See our pdf drawings and photos for a typical splash block.

Survey Markers

Our standard monument markers are 4" x 4" x 24" and are cast upon order with the custom or special embed markers supplied by you or with a type of insert requested by you. The monument markers are cast with a piece of #4 reinforcing steel as required by the State of Florida when in use as a permanent marker.

Thrust Blocks

We manufacture a large and small thrust block that is utilized in the underground utility industry. We try to keep in stock both sizes of the thrust blocks.

See our pdf drawing files for dimensional details of both the small and large thrust blocks.

So Many Options

Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. manufactures many miscellaneous precast concrete products. All of which are cast utilizing 5000 psi concrete. There are a number of precast items we carry as a stock item, such as Splash Blocks, Monument Markers and Thrust Blocks. Check out those items for specifications.

Should you have a custom utility product that you might need, please feel free to contact us to discuss your product to determine if we might be of assistance to you.

Contact Commercial Concrete Products, Inc. today (813) 659-3707 for a quote or any questions you might have about our precast concrete miscellaneous products or your custom product or contact us through the website request for information section.

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