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What Consumers Want To Know

What size treads do you manufacture?

We manufacture broom finished treads in 12" width in 5 standard lengths.
Please find under the “Products” tab the “Stair Tread” tab a pdf file of a drawing that
presents the standard lengths of treads we manufacture and stock. You will also find all
other pertinent dimensional information regarding our stair treads.

What types of parking bumpers (carstops, wheelstops) do you manufacture?

We manufacture 2 standard type of parking bumpers – most common is the double
sided parking bumper the other type is a single sided parking bumper. Please find under
the “Products” tab the “Parking Bumper” tab a pdf file of a drawing for each of the standard
types of parking bumpers, that we manufacture and stock.
All dimensional information for the parking bumpers are also available on the pdf files.

What type of stair tread finishes do you manufacture?

Our standard production of treads is a broom finished with a smooth border.
We also manufacture a glacial finish tread in a few of our standard sizes upon request only.
Minimum order of glacial treads will be required.

Do you ship treads out of state?

We ship treads through a trucking broker with the requirement that customer has
offload capabilities.

Do you manufacture concrete posts?

We manufacture as stock concrete posts 4" x 4" and 6" x 6" both in 8' and 10' lengths.
Please find under the “Products” tab the “Utility Posts” tab a pdf file of a drawing for each
of the size of post we manufacture.

Do you manufacture parking bumpers for commercial trucks?

We manufacture a large and small truck parking bumper. Please find under the
“Products” tab the “Truck Wheel Stops” tab a pdf file of a drawing for each of the size of
truck wheelstops we manufacture.

Do you have distributors for your parking bumpers?

We have several companies throughout Florida that stock our wheelstops. Please
contact us for contact information about the companies in your area.

Do you do parking bumper installations?

We do not install parking bumpers.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards.

Do you deliver? Is their a charge for delivery?

We do deliver most of our standard products within in a 250 mile range. We have a
minimum quantity for delivery of each of the items we manufacture. We do have delivery
charges and they vary dependent upon location.

What types of Pole Bases do you manufacture? Do you provide engineering as well?

We manufacture light pole bases per your specifications. We do not provide
engineering of the light pole bases.

What strength of concrete do you use in manufacturing your parking bumpers?

We manufacture all our precast products utilizing High Early Type III Cement.
Ultimately reaching a minimum compressive strength of 5000 psi.

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